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Each year the UOL Convention publishes a souvenir Commemorative Yearbook. The Yearbook is a valuable and unique historical record of the League and of each Convention. The ads published in the Yearbook also help to defray the costs of the Convention and make a significant contribution to the UOL's annual fund raising efforts.

A Family Tradition
If your family has placed a greeting in the past, continue the tradition this year. If you haven't placed a greeting before, now is the time to start a tradition! Official copies of each Yearbook are kept in the UOL archives. Will your children and grandchildren be able to browse through the 63rd Annual UOL Convention Yearbook someday and remember when you and the rest of the UOL family gathered in Morristown and Maplewood to map out the future of the League? Build that memory today by placing your ad in this year's Commemorative Yearbook.

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A Celebration of Service
Browsing through past Yearbooks provides a glimpse into the UOL's past. Which parishes and chapters were active that year? What individuals, businesses, and families sent their greetings? It's inspiring to look back and see photos in previous Yearbooks of those who built the League and devoted their time and energy to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Oftentimes you can trace family histories as succeeding generations placed pictures of their families each year in the Yearbook.

The deadline for ads is June 15, 2010. However, we will continue to accept ads as late as possible before going to press. If you haven't gotten your ad in yet, send it in as soon as you can. Even if you cannot attend this year's Convention, you can still show your support by purchasing an ad in the 2010 Commemorative Yearbook!

See our advertising contract ( PDF or MSWord format ) for complete terms and prices.
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